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Our goal is to Find, Fund and Grow top startups

We believe people always come first. From our investors to team members to the founders we fund, we are focused on building a community of amazing people.

Venture capital is a relationship business, and one of our core differentiators is how we leverage our extensive network to provide value to our portfolio companies. We make valuable connections for our companies, mostly to prospective customers and other VC firms, but we field all types of requests to help our portfolio companies flourish.

Marvin makes investment both thru our Fund and the Angel syndicate, the table below outlines additional criteria:

Marvin Angels

Marvin Fund


B2B, B2B2C


Company Stage

Completed product, strong customer intent and/or insights if pre-revenue

Completed product, early customer revenues (Typically $100K+ ARR)

Initial Investment Round

Pre-Seed / Seed / Series A


$500K – $2M

$2M – $5M

Round Size

Our Check Size

$50K – $200K

$100K – $200K

Post-Money Valuation

< $30M

< $20M

Typical Round Structure


SAFE / Price Round

Geo / Corporate Status

US, Delaware c-corp

US, Delaware c-corp

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